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Hernandez Family

...after a friend bragged about the call last year, we had to try it. we are glad to say it is much more than we expected to be honest.


 -jose hernandez

                            austin tx







Willis Family

...this ws one of those last minute treats and what a treat it was santa. thank you so much for this special call and the time you took with our kids.


-jesse willis

atlanta ga


Live Santa Call - Order Now!

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The Northpole is proud to offer for the 9th year, the popular
LIVE Santa Call to kids worldwide. Good News! Now also available as a Live SKYPE AUDIO CALL!


This is the magical and private LIVE SANTA CALL to children. Order Santa's LIVE Santa Call. Santa has been calling children since 2005. My Santa Call makes the holiday even more spectacular.

This is a Live Private one-on-one talk with Santa Claus right in your home straight from the northpole.

Keep in mind, this call is NOT a quick 5 minute Santa Phone Call, rather a personalized LIVE talk up to 15 minutes long covering various "personal details" with your children. Of which only Santa Claus would know.

Listen below to a past Santa Call sample and order a Live Santa Call today.

Yes! ALL your children can speak with Santa Claus IN-PERSON LIVE one-on-one. Santa Claus can talk on your home landline telephone, vonage device, or a SKYPE broadband phone right on your computer worldwide.

So whether on your home phone, or internet phone your kids can enjoy a LIVE Santa Call at Christmas this year.



Your In-Person Real Live Santa Call Includes...

* A LIVE up to 20 minute talk between Santa and ALL your children.

* NO additional charge per child (Santa's time shared evenly)

* A Private Magical Web Page featuring your free recorded media.

* A Free MP3 to download, share, or re-listen to over and over.

* A Magical Email Tool to share your Santa Call and webpage with friends and family worldwide. Great for families with soldiers deployed overseas.


Listen to Real Past Santa Call Samples Here



Your Santa Call Reservation Process is Simple...

1) Reserve your call using Paypal below.

2) Submit payment and watch for your receipt via email.

3) After payment you're redirected to Santa's Secret Questionnaire to supply special details about your family and all your children.

4) Select your Santa Call time from available LIVE call times.

5) Submit the questionaire and watch for confirmation from Candy Cane in the northpole, confirming your date and time. The email will also offer tips and suggestions to have the best possible experience with My Santa Call.

After payment is made you are sent to Santa's Questionnaire to select your Live My Santa Call date and time. You will also then supply details for use by Santa during his call about your child.

NOTE: If you are NOT ready to complete all child details, you will have the ability to bookmark the page and return later to complete details for your Santa Call. Meanwhile you can reserve your Live Santa Call date and time.

* You Can See Current Still Available Santa Call Times and Review Santa's Magical Secret Questionaire Here. Do NOT submit form!



Reserve a Live My Santa Call to ALL your children for one price. Use your debt, or credit card at top left to receive a LIVE My Santa Call discounted to only US $29.95. (you save $20.00) Use our secure PayPal Merchant system now.

Imagine the excitement on your children's face, when Santa Claus calls your home for a LIVE talk just before Christmas.  Have Questions? Please Call us at 1-970-223-3659. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!