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Little People Daycare

...we had you call our kids last year live, so I decided to have my daycare kids get the special group call from santa and it was a great idea and very affordable christamas idea.


-mariah timms

mesa az

Santa's Live Group Call

Request a Live Santa Call



Having a school, company party, or live holiday event? Let Santa Claus call your party, or event for a LIVE talk with all your kids.

Your Live Group Santa Call Includes...


* LIve Telephone call from Santa Claus


Free Santa Call Magical Webpage


Free Recording of the call as a keepsake to share with families and kids.


* Live telephone talk with all the children at your event and more...



Request your LIVE school, party, or company Santa Call below for only US $99.95 using your debt card, credit card, or echeck using PayPal.


NOTE: Once you make payment you're sent to Santa's Group Questionaire to supply various details about your class, or large group for use by Santa Claus during his LIVE Magical Call .  You can also reserve a call time too.




Ready? Click on the "Pay Now Logo" below to reserve your Santa Call Group Phone Call using our 100% secure merchant system by PayPal and Ebay.


NOTE: After payment you will receive an email confirmation from PayPal and an email confirmation from Santa's Helper confirming your order.

Have Questions About The Group Option? Call 1-888-522-1926