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Merry Christmas Joshua & Taylor from Santa Claus in the Northpole!


Thank you for talking to me this year. I really enjoyed OUR special time together most of all and already look forward to speaking with your again next year.


Please be sure to go to bed early Christmas eve, so my elves are not sacred.


Be sure to eat lots of healthy foods and fruit, help your parents, do good in school, and be kind to your family and friends ok Joshua & Taylor?


Also please do me a favor and be sure you say your prayers everyday.


I hope you like my gifts! Santa is VERY proud of you Joshua & Taylor and I'll try to bring you lots of goodies again next year if you are good.


Oh Rudolf and Frosty said to say hello, and to remind you how very important it is to help out at home, and to clean your own room.


I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH Joshua & Taylor and hope you have a wonderful magical holiday season.


Merry Christmas from all of your friends here in the Northpole .


Santa Claus



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my santa call live from the northpole


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