Williams Family

...every year we request one and every year, we enjoy adding it to our collection for mathew. thank you for offering this unique service.


 -terri williams -miami fl




Hernandez Family

...after a friend bragged about the message last year, we had to try it. we are glad to say it is more than we expected.

-jose hernandez -austin tx




Gunther Family

...our daughter was in tears tonight. the webpage with the call playing online is a cool added bonus. thank you so much.

-shelly gunther -las vegas

Real Past Santa Call Family Comments!

Family Feeback on My Santa Call

...Thank you very much for the jolly call yesterday. We didn't know what to expect and were pleasantly surprised when Santa and his crew started their truly personalized conversation. Thank you very much for this wonderful keepsake you were amazing!

-The Mareck Family - Denville, NJ

...thanks for making my kid's holiday. the call was very special and will last forever.

-Jim Russell -Carson, CA

...it is wonderful and santa really did his homework. he paid great attention to the notes we wrote. tying Jesus into the magical message made it that much more special.

-Brenda Willey -Winnemucca, NV

...having the web page to share this was very special as it helped bring our family together as a few are overseas in the military.

-Steve Thomas -Las Vegas NV

...the magic is back and the best part is we can now relive the moment over and over thanks to your recording online. thanks for making this holiday one to remember forever.
-Tom and Sandy Mason -Portland OR

...we are so excited that my parents are also going to download the message. -Robert Sims -Memphis TN

...some of her 2nd grade classmates told her that Santa wasn't real. Your message really made her a believer. It is all that she can talk about.

-Michelle Phy -Marco Island, FL

...if only every mother could have seen the look on my sons face when we told him. wow..

-Sharon Davis - Kansas City, KS

...it was like being a child again for me and the wife too. I love the mp3
-Chuck Marks -Miami Beach. FL

...my daughter told her entire 1st grade class the next day. now everyone listens.

-Michelle Roberts -Fort Worth, TX

...it was very cool. how will we ever top this gift next year.
-Rod Davenport -Denver, CO

...it was the best gift this year. the magic is back in his heart.
-Carol Keenan -Seattle, WA

...my mom did this and wow, talk about sparks. The kids exploded with joy.
-Maria Cathy -Boca Raton, FL


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